The Conference Of The Stars


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NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM, a.k.a. NNMM is a community of “cultural engineers” (*Genesis P-Orridge) using sounds, with a variable line-up. This project was initiated by Guillaume Cazalet (CZLT) in Brussels in 2018, during a residency with the veteran saxophonist player Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (Ze Zorgs) and two drummers Sebastien Schmit (K-Branding) and Pierre Arese (AKSU).

The result was a bifacial entity, sometimes calling for a primitive voodoo trance with percussive intonations, dominated by rhythm and a savage movement, sometimes towards a psychedelic meditation with prophetic and spiritual accents resting on an amplified drone music where time is explored, harmony, the power of the tonic and its iridescent harmonics, durability, weight, ruin.

From this residency were born a trilogy to come, dedicated to the Sun, the Moon and the Earth and a first album, The Conference Of The Stars, released on the label Homo Sensibilis Records, mixing drone metal and spiritual free jazz, animated by a cosmic and psychedelic energy.

In 2019, Reshma Goolamy (bass), Romain Martini (guitar), Didié Nietzche (48 Cameras, Radio Prague), Joaquin Bermudez (Phoenician Drive) and Alice Thiel (Thot) joined the project that takes the form of an “Opera Drone”.

By exploring the evolution of the human species, particularly through the use of speculative texts in Homo-sapiens prototypal language (*Pierre Lanchantin), they question the future of the living on earth. They try to create a sense of acceptance of the end of the "Anthropocene" era through a musical experience.

Current line-up :

° Guillaume Cazalet : Amplified barytone guitar, sitar, vocals.
° Jean Jacques Duerinckx : Amplified barytone sax & sopranino.
° Sebastien Schmit : Drums, percussions, gongs.
° Reshma Goolamy : Amplified bass.
° Romain Martini : Amplified guitar.
° Didié Nietzsch : Digital soundcapes, spectral.
° Joaquin Bermudez : Amplified Saz & Setar.
° Alice Thiel : Amplified guitar, synth.

Other members :

° Pierre Arese : 2nd Drum and percussions.
° Huges Philipe Derosier : Amplified bass.



released June 26, 2018


all rights reserved




---- 𓁹 ☿♅☿ 𓁹 ----
"Homo Sensibilis" is the future human being goal : the man who knows he doesn't know. Here is his music,

based on a powerful sensitivity of particular homo-sapiens in search of human becoming.
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Track Name: The Conference Of The Stars - (Cleopatra "That Goddess")
NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM ((( NNMM ))) produces primitive HEAVY TRIBAL music. Totally improvised, its music is a blend of Free Jazz music, Sacred Music, Psychedelic Voodoo Trance, Noise Rock, Occult Doom / Black Metal and the powerful amplified Drone music.

This album is the result of a musical meeting between his french producer - Guillaume Cazalet, the Belgian veteran saxophonist Jean Jacques Duerinckx, the ex-drummer of K-Branding - Sebastien Schmit - and the french drummer of AKSU - Pierre Arese. This release is the opening act of a huge trilogy to come... So, stay tuned !

° Jean Jacques Duerinckx — Amplified barytone sax, sax sopranino.
° Sebastien Schmit — Drums, percussions, gongs (on "K-ANNON")
° Pierre Arese — Drums, percussions (on "K-ANNON")
° Guillaume Cazalet — Amplified bass and guitar, synth effects, vocals and percussion part on "Goat!"

/// Recorded by Guillaume Cazalet, with the help of Jean Jacques Duerinckx at HS63, Brussels, March 2018.

/// Mixed and masterised by Guillaume Cazalet at Studio Kepler 452B, June 2018.

/// Artwork by Guillaume Cazalet.




Sister without rival
Most beautiful of all
She looks like
The star-goddess, rising
At the start of the good New Year.

Perfect and bright, shining skin
Seductive in her eyes
When she glances,
Sweet in her lips
When she speaks,
And never a word too many.

Slender neck, shining body,
Her hair is true lapis,
Her arm gathers gold,
Her fingers are like lotus flowers,
Ample behind, tight waist,
Her thighs extend her beauty,
Shapely in stride
When she steps on the earth.

She has stolen my heart
With her embrace,
She has made the neck
Of every man
Turn round
At the sight of her.

Whoever embrace her is happy,
She is like the head of lovers,
And she is seen going outside
Like That Goddess,
The One Goddess.

Seven days to yesterday
That I haven’t seen sister,
And sickness has entered
Deep into me,
I have grown heavy
In my limbs,
My body has lost
Sense of itself.

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